Prayer Circles

S.A.V.E. Foundation was blessed to do a prayer circle with the First Baptist Church of St. Ann family this past week. Their pastor had a sudden heart attack and at the time was in the coma. After that prayer circle, there was a great since of community and unity in their grief throughout the week and passing of Pastor Mike. We were able to focus on the family and be there for them as well through the next seven days including the funeral. If there is a crisis in your church or family/home, let us be another source to call. A circle can be a great place to start in a journey of healing…


Building our Restorative Community

Our Outreach Programs:

S.A.V.E. Foundation will be attending parts of the Pilgrimage of Trust, specially on Monday, May 29th, 2017. We hope to be working with others from the St. Louis delegation team that attended the World Meeting of Popular Movements to continue to spread this message here is St. Louis. This event will be the start of this journey, and we pray that the use of restorative practices will be an integral part of events in 2018.

S.A.V.E. Foundation board members have also been serving on a grant board for a new program similar to Parents as Teachers, but with a focus on faith for families with young children. We will be a resource for the new program coordinator to ensure that VBRD practices are brought to the home during these visits.


Spreading the Word

We will have the opportunity to speak to a wide audience and share our mission at the Restorative Discipline Summer Institute. It is June 13th, 2017. Come join us as we sponsor a great speaker and inspire those around us to support the work we are doing to add faith to restorative practices. Paste this link and sign up today!


Our History

The S.A.V.E. Foundation was started in October 2016 after receiving grant funding to further staff education in restorative practices. Holy Trinity Catholic School in St. Ann Missouri had been an original partner with Lynne Lang, Director of School Climate for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, during the formation of the Virtue Based Restorative Discipline Program. The Catholic Campaign for Human Development had awarded our grant team the opportunity to become educated formally through the International Institute of Restorative Practices. This education fired a passion to create the Social Action and Virtue Education Foundation to better serve the grant board’s mission.